Firewood Northumberland

Kiln Dried

A variety of kiln dried technologies exist today including; conventional, dehumidification, solar, vacuum & radio frequency.

The most common type of kilns in today’s world are ones that utilise compartments. They are filled with batches of wood with air circulated until the desired moisture content is reached.

The benefits of using Kiln Dried wood include; it ignites easier and burns more efficiently, it is cleaner so there is less bark debris to track in your home and it is more aesthetically pleasing because of the brighter flame it creates.

Seasoned Firewood

When buying firewood, make sure you are buying seasoned firewood.

This should mean it has been cut and split at least a year ago and then stored so the air and sun can dry it out. Often you find suppliers will cut and chop the wood up on the day it is being delivered/collected, yes it has been lying around for a year or two but it has not been seasoned. A good sign to look out for is if there are cracks/splits in the grain of the wood.

The benefits of using Seasoned wood include: it improves storage capability so no mould or degrading will occur, the seasoning process reduces ash and emissions which helps to decrease the transport weight.

Green Logs

Unseasoned logs, sometimes called Green logs, is wood that has been freshly cut and is likely to have a higher moisture content, i.e above 50%, compared to seasoned woods that have dried out over time and therefore have a much reduced moisture content.

Unseasoned logs are ultimately inefficient as the higher the moisture content the harder it is for logs to burn. Seasoned and Kiln Dried logs burn quickly and easily due to their low moisture content.