Firewood Northumberland

Netted BagsChopping Block Northumberland Firewood

Our netted bags of Kiln Dried Hardwood are an easy way to carry a few logs. They also provide an easy storage method but care has to be taken as the netted bags are not waterproof.

Axe Chopping Block

Our Axe Chopping Block makes it much easier to chop wood. It can be cut to a certain height making it suitable for your requirements.

House Coalcoal

House coal is easy to light, burns for a long time and leaves relatively little ash making it easy to clean up after use. This can be used alongside wood in a fire.

Brazier Coal

Brazier coal is more ecological than traditional house coal as it lasts longer, produces very little ash and produces much less CO2 and smoke.

Swedish TorchesSwedish Torch Northumberland

Our decorative Swedish Torches can be used as a decorative outdoor candle, a campfire or can be used for cooking. All you have to do is put a firelighter inside and watch the flames rise.