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About us

Based in Hexham, in the North east of England, Firewood Northumberland can provide your complete firewood service. A family run business with customer service as our priority. We provide logs from sustainable sources and offer you good value, consistently high quality firewood. We take the utmost care to supply the highest standard fuel products available to us.

Order your load of logs on line or by phone and we guarantee to meet your delivery deadlines.


Call us with your postcode and requirements and get an instant price and delivery date for your solid fuel. We stock the following solid fuel goods:

  • Kiln Dried Logs – 20% moisture, ultra dry for immediate use, high heat output, ideal for log burners, stoves and boilers.
  • Seasoned logs – 30% moisture,
  • Kindling- 12% moisture, high combustion level, ideal for starting fires, no chopping required
  • Wood pellets – 10% moisture, produced from woodchip and sawdust, very high combustion level, ideal for starting fires and for feeding boilers.

The demand for our kiln dried logs is huge. Our waiting lists can reach 14 days so don’t delay – order your loads of logs now. Our deliveries of logs and kindling are made using convenient sized dumpy and smaller bags. All our logs are delivered in cubic metre dumpy bags and the kindling deliveries are all conveniently bagged up for easy storage.

firewood northumberland

Firewood Northumberland

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